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ECP was founded in 1990 by H. Ali Pak and Thomas R. Parks to provide advanced equipment for control systems education in the academic and industrial workplaces. Doctors Pak and Parks have over 40 years of joint experience in control systems education and industrial control implementation. Together with their immediate staff, they have practiced and consulted world-wide in such diverse areas as automated manufacturing equipment, satellite attitude control, digital control electronics, sensor and actuator development, precision machine design, and real-time firmware implementation. In addition, they have lectured in control system theory, digital control implementation, and dynamical system analysis and have held over 50 industrial control training seminars. ECP products have benefited greatly from this unique mix of technical depth and training experience.

Since shipping our first system more than 12 years ago, we have continuously refined and expanded ECP's product line based on feedback from our customers and a rigorous development and test program. We invite you to compare our equipment to any other educational control system and are confident that you will find it unrivaled in quality, versatility, data processing capability, and ease of use.

In all these vital areas, ECP systems have gained a leading reputation in this field as witnessed by our many loyal customers who regularly comment on the superior quality of our systems. Our over 400 satisfied universities and industrial clients world-wide hail from such diverse institutions as those listed below. Here's what just of few of them are saying:

Dr. Robert H. Bishop, University of Texas at Austin “We have used ECP‘s Torsion/Disk and Inverted Pendulum Plants as classroom demonstration tools for several years. This year we will offer for the first time a new control laboratory course. We selected ECP’s models 205 and 210 because they have proven to be very reliable teaching platforms with clean dynamic properties. This has allowed us to efficiently build the laboratory course in a short time.”

Dr. Randy Freeman, Northwestern University “After 10 years of steady use of our 5 ECP Torsion/Disk Model 205 systems, we had their power electronic boxes upgraded by ECP last year to work with our new real-time controllers. These systems have yet to give us any problems in 11 years of operation. Their dynamic behavior relative to the equivalent theoretical models has been impressive. This year we decided to purchase 5 more ECP Magnetic Levitation (Model 730) systems as examples of MIMO nonlinear control plants. So far, we have found the Model 730 to be interesting and up to our expectations.”

Dr. Ron Hirschorn, Queen’s University, Ontario “We have been impressed with the durability and dynamic quality of the ECP system. This has enabled efficient implementation of a range of control experiments such as system identification, LQR, LQG, and sliding mode control. Agreement with analytical predictions has been excellent.”

Dr. Gregory Plett, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs “. . . this device provides dramatic and interesting demonstrations. The actuators and sensors are clean, high-quality devices, and the entire system is ruggedly constructed. This device is especially well-suited to demonstrate analysis and design techniques taught in classical . . . and modern analog and digital control.” (reference to ECP Model 730 MagLev system)

See ECP Systems In Action! The Undergraduate Control Laboratory at the University of California, San Diego uses 5 ECP apparatuses to perform a variety of exciting open and closed loop experiments. Go To Control Lab At UCSD

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